Self-taught Front-End Web Developer and college graduate looking for a web development position to support and enhance the organization while refining my current skills and gain first hand work experience in a professional setting.

With my chemistry background, I’m well versed in researching detailed and abstract concepts, while being able to properly re-apply it to the situation at hand. I am also very much open to team oriented work as an assistant or taking a lead role, if necessary, to accomplish the task.


Uzuri Closet

Uzuri-Closet Uzuri Closet is a live site, designed and built by me, to be utilized as a portfolio for the client to display their fashion business.

Uzuri Closet Contains

  1. Modern and symmetric design
  2. Responsive web design
  3. Custom JQuery for lightbox and mobile menu

General Assembly assignment

CitiPix-example Purpose of the assignment was to design a search box that changes the background of the page based on the city searched, pre-determined in the provided CSS using jQuery. Once the submit button was clicked.

  1. The submitted city was accepted into a function.
  2. The value was converted to lowercase and stored in a variable.
  3. The variable was then utilize in a switch statement.
    • If the value inputted into the search box did not match any cases the search box was targeted, cleared, and display a message in the placeholder to recheck the submission.
    • The remove class method was also utilized to reset the body every time the function ran.

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